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Inner Waters Flowing Faster 
Video projected on Glass Sculpture

Photos and video by Blake LIttle

Written and Directed by kurtis lesick
Video by kurtis lesick
Glass Sculpture by Kai Scholefield
Audio Engineering and Original Music by Greg Debicki


Prepared for the 2012 Exposure Photography Festival
Installed at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Calgary, Canada, February 2012

Installed at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Canada, March 2012

Inner Waters Flowing Faster is a poetic intervention exploring a rationalisation of loss, the illusion of linear time, and the undeniable connectivity we have with those around us. Projecting video memories through glass sculptures the piece rejects the linearity and documentation imposed by the video. The memories are exposed as dynamic and present experiences given life through shadows, radiances, and refractions; far from a relic of the past, time is interconnected through one expansive, endless and active present.

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