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What is an event? (2021)

Video | Multi-channel video installation 

"The world, he says, is made of events, and nothing but events: happenings rather than things, verbs rather than nouns, processes rather than substances. Becoming is the deepest dimension of Being".

                                                                                                                              -Steven Shaviro on Alfred North Whitehead


What is an event? explores such a proposition through a series of material encounters in a forgotten commercial warehouse. In this building objects are being relocated from an original location to one particular space through a variety of possible routes. This process slowly exposes and re-constitutes the architecture and material environment themselves. "What is an event?" questions the fixity of material reality: how does an object, a building, a person become what is it is? How many routes may be taken, will be taken, have been taken to get from A to B?

What is an event?

5-Channel video installation

Killing me softly (Group Show) 

March 20-22

Kyle Marks Projects  

Ribtor Warehouse, Calgary, Canada

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