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#athingisaholeinathingitisnot (2020)

Photographic Installation


"Science is creating and comparing, and art is creating conditions that do not quite exist."


        -Carl Andre, Windham College Symposium


October and November, 2020

Fountain Studio

Calgary, Canada

In the summer of 2018, I spent a month in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain with the goal of spending some concerted time writing. The writing went dismally (as it often does), but I had been reminded of Carl Andre's work and writing earlier that summer and it was percolating heavily in my mind. There was one simple but profound idea: the object itself is the cut; through the interaction with objects spaces are created—they are bisected, foregrounded, and delimited in relation to the object(s) and the viewer.

Throughout the stay I would collect instances of such sculptural relations in everyday objects and environments throughout the city: a line painted in the street, a hole rendered in the pavement where a sign post had been snapped off, a potato chip bag laying in the gutter. The show, "#athingisaholeinathingitisnot" is a collection of these images installed as encounters in the gallery that change and fragment the space.

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