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Guerrilla Philosophy (2023)

Exhibition | Installations | Performances for Video

"Most men do not think things in the way they encounter them, nor do they recognize what they experience, but believe their own opinions."



Guerrilla Philosophy Exhibition

September 11-15, 2023

The Ionion Centre for Arts and Culture

Metaxata, Kefalonia, Greece

The power of the material world to think, theorise, experiment, and synthesise will always exceed the limitations of human intellect. Here “material” designates a process through which things “come to matter” rather than a world of preconceived substance. The world is perpetually “working itself out”, trying out new paths, new combinations, new expressions. Whereas our brains succumb to orthodoxies of knowledge, politics, time, and experience, the material world can think with unbridled complexity, beyond contradiction, time, space, and the illusion of the autonomous human subject.


Guerrilla Philosophy presents performative explorations in material thinking where both human and natural bodies consider their complementary roles in the negotiation of material reality. Our bodies are mapped into the world, boundaries delimited, forms reconfigured, hybridized, and subsumed into other bodies. Far from being discrete entities, boundaries, forms, and relations of bodies are in constant negotiation. The works in Guerrilla Philosophy put bodies into open conversation, perform bodies in isolation, and abstract the relations we take for granted between bodies so that we can think along with other material forms about our perpetual collaboration in constituting material reality.

Works Included:

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