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Entanglement (2015-2016)

Various mediums


"To be entangled is not simply to be intertwined with another, as in the joining of separate entities, but to lack an independent, self-contained existence."


        -Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway

"Entanglement" is a body of work that (begins to) think(s) through the possible implications of quantum and astro physics toward a "new materiality". ​ Developed in residency at the "Centre for Research and Creativity Casamarles" in Llorenç del Penedes, Spain, Entanglement asks what happens to traditional notions of time, space, place, and linear experience as we learn these concepts are far from universal truths when we move beyond the scale of human perception? In what ways, on a human level, can we begin to access and explore the sorts of simultaneous connectivity increasingly being discovered at play in very big and very small worlds? 


"Entanglement(s)" is a kinetic sculpture, inspired by the work of Judith Scott. Made of fibre and found objects,  it explores the connectivity of experiences, identities, materialities, and spheres of influence across time and space​. A trail of domestic objects, souvenirs, archives, and throw-aways, leads across the floor, each connected to the others by a piece of red yarn. The trail leads up to large pod suspended from the ceiling turning slowly, at an almost planetary pace. The pod itself is a density of objects and yarn drawn into an enduring singularity, larger on the inside than the outside, like a snake digesting a meal bigger than itself. 


"Entanglement | Penedes Remix" is a video installation that remixes both film and physical objects to re-animate the furnishing of Cinema Cal Marçal in Llorenç del Penedes. Film footage from the early 1960s of the regional wine making process for each month of the year is projected into wine carboys and filmed. The footage is organized into nine segments and composited three across and three deep, then projection mapped onto a buffet and hutch, a permanent fixture at the Cinema Cal Marçal.    

"Entanglement - Series 1" - Is a series of photographic landscape interventions that explores the folding of space and time and our abilities, or lack thereof, to perceive “reality” outside of our limits of human biology. Present day rural landscapes, a mirror reflecting an incongruity, a piece of red yarn connecting the object to the reflection of the object: time here is defined by the instant when this singular image enters our perception and consciousness. But this singular image and this singular time is made up of many times entangled into one. The light from the object reflecting in the mirror is older than the light of the surrounding environment. What we see, what we perceive at a singular time is the manifestation of at least two different times and two different places joined only in our viewing into one enduring singularity.

The work was originally exhibited in conjunction with the 5th anniversary celebration and publication launch of CeRCCa 2009-2015 at Cinema Cal Marçal in Llorenç del Penedes in collaboration with artists Agustina Piasentini (Argentina), Naz Cuguoglu (Turkey), and Jonathan Rattner (United States). ​ Special thanks to Luc Bouchard, Steven Aaron Hughes, Pau Cata, Marina Saura, and Cecilia De Souza for their production assistance. Iterations of the work was also exhibited at: The Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Canada, September 2015 The Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, Calgary, Canada, February 2016

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