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I Know (2019)

Endurance performance, Sellasia, Greece, June 6, 2019.

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"In plasticity, there is a potential for destruction, self-explosion, trauma, which is not implied by fluidity."

        -Catherine Malabou: purple MAGAZINE: The Brain Issue #33 S/S 2020

"I Know" is an endurance performance that considers the affects of "things" on the constitution of each human singularity. We are never things in isolation. We are constantly re-defined and reconstituted in concert with the things around us. Bodies are in perpetual production in relation to other bodies that affect, effect, and place us in the world within a constant aesthetic negotiation. This is the case when a thing is something as tangible as a rock, or something as intangible as an idea. All things leave a mark; knowledge is no different.


Knowledge materializes itself in relation to bodies--as forces that weigh, erode, collide, or obliterate. I Know considers the burden of knowing, an implication of the archive that holds knowledge that we can never un-know. A bolder is encountered on a pathway, hoisted up, and balanced upon the shoulders. The weight of the stone is managed and controlled; the gait of the carrier is strong and confident. Throughout the duration of the piece the impact of the stone changes, weighing heavier, agitating upon the shoulders, destabilising the balance and determinacy of the bearer being redefined by the experience. Videoed in a single durational shot by Dasha Ilina, "I Know" captures an eleven-minute transformation over half a kilometre of rural terrain outside Sellasia, Greece.

Produced at the  Koumaria Residency 2019, Sellasia, Greece.
Jordan Edge  
Dasha Ilina  
Robert Jedrzejewski  
Tunni Kraus  
Joshua Legallienne  
Kurtis Lesick  
Marili Pizarro  
Georges Salameh  
Nour Sokhon  
Małgorzata Suś  
Special thanks to: 
Vicky Bisbiki  
Michael Higgins
Kleopatra Korai  
Eric Lewis  
Yannis Lolis  
Manolis Manousakis  
Eve Nakou

The 2019 Koumaria residency is organised in partnership with the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens (OCC) in the framework of the INTERFACES project, an international, interdisciplinary project focusing on bringing new music to an extensive range of new audiences. With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Interfaces unites nine diverse partners from the UK, Germany, France, Cyprus, Belgium, Romania, Austria and Greece with main objective to explore innovative ways of introducing audiences to the work of cutting-edge musicians and sound artists and engage new audiences of all ages to the music of our time.
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