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Possibilities Exceed 9 (2011)

Poetic Performance Duet with Computer [Standard and autopoetic, (de)generative poetry]


"To love someone is firstly to confess: I'm prepared to be devastated by you."


        -Billy-Ray Belcourt, A History of My Brief Body

"Possibilities Exceed 9" is a dialogue between a man and his lover negotiating the traps of co-dependence and control they are both seeking. A live performance between a man and his computer, the human text remains the same, while the computer generates an original text in real-time during each performance. This autopoetic and degenerative work of generative poetry explores our co-dependency with technology and both the desire and resentment that result. 


Written and Directed by kurtis lesick

Programming and Generative Scripts by Travis Kirton ​


Curated by Oana Avasilichioaei for "Poetic Performance Lab: an interactive hour of poetic performances, textual theatre and sound action," John Dutton Theatre, Calgary Public Library, Calgary, Canada.


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