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What is in a Moment (2024)

Installation | 10 Channel Video + 3 Channel Audio


"What is abstract has being only in itself or as possibility; it is only a moment of something real.."


        -Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,  The Science of Logic.

March 15- April 6, 2024

Lower Gallery

Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Calgary, Canada

A collection of video moments, mostly from my phone; a collection of quotations on “the moment” from philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; a collection of AI voices; a collection of monitors and speakers; and you. What does it take to produce a moment? How does something come into the world, presence itself, presence you, be presenced by you? How is the world and our experience of it dependent on such moments? “What is in a moment?” is a machine for thinking through such questions, generating possible answers, and generating yet more questions. 


The philosophy of Hegel unravels the generative and often contradictory and clashing nature of reality and thought. The images and voices likewise conflict and compete, sometimes disappearing into cacophony or silence, before settling back into moments of new clarity and insight. Hegel’s language, our ability to hear and parse it, the power and honesty of the images levels the playing field into a series of questions that anyone can answer (and answers are probably always different): what gets to be seen; what voices are heard; which words can take root; what moments are given time? 

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