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Guerilla Philosophy (Exhibition)

Water, air, light, and sound all share a fundamental capacity that relegates them to the status of a near transcendent substance: they exhibit wave behaviours. A wave is a force or agency which transfers energy from one location to another without transferring matter. A wave therefore renders material properties and produces tangible affects that call into question the orthodoxy of substance. A wave breaks the rules of simple objects; a wave draws us into the sublime and infinite; a wave turns upside-down our assumptions that organise a rational, structured, cause-and-effect world. A wave demands we conceive of new (or old) relations of mattering and therefore new (or old) ethical obligations. This show presents two bodies of work (one photographic and one videographic) that explore the ways in which waves disrupt the world as we know it and suggest instead a diffracted world of infinite possibility.  Thanks goes to post doom romance for their audio intervention and the Ionion Centre for Arts and Culture for support and facilitation.

Power in Numbers







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