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  • Kurtis Lesick

Kurtis Lesick Awarded Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorship, University of Bristol

Kurtis will be at the University of Bristol in Bristol, England, for three months as a Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorship. During his tenure he will be researching, writing, and presenting lectures and short thematic seminars around the topic: “An Indeterminate Other: Being, Virtuality, and Materiality.”

The Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorship has brought over 450 Distinguished Visiting Professors to the University of Bristol (UoB), representing a wide range of disciplinary, theoretical and methodological approaches. The purpose of these awards is to bring distinguished researchers from overseas to Bristol in order to enhance the research activity of the University in any field. Awardees undertake world-leading, curiosity-driven research in partnership with UoB academics.

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