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  • Kurtis Lesick

Kurtis Lesick Presents Public Talk at University of Bristol, 6pm, Weds, 18 March 2020


An Indeterminate Other: Practice & Praxis at the Edge of Art & Philosophy

6pm, Weds, 18 March 2020 Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Richmond Building, 105 Queen's Road Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professor, Kurtis Lesick, uses performance, performance-writing, installation, media, and material interventions as modes of praxis-based philosophy that think through issues of time, materiality, and fundamental being. In this public talk, Lesick will introduce his work and artistic methodologies that create 'thinking things', which philosophise in cooperation with their audiences. Lesick will also discuss his current research on Indeterminacy and aesthetic becoming, which he will be further developing in his time at the University of Bristol.

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