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  • Kurtis Lesick

Kurtis Lesick selected for the Koumaria Residency in Sellasia, Greece

About Koumaria: Since 2009 the artist collective Medea Electronique has organized annually a 10-day experimental artist residency, Koumaria, near Sparta in Greece, focusing on improvisation and new media practices. Avant-garde artists from all over the world, inspired by the Greek natural landscape, come together to create a multicultural and cross-media ‘dialogue’ culminating in a series of performances and interventions across the region in addition to online installations on the Medea Electronique website.The goal of the residency is the creation of an educational experience for the participants that will inspire and exalt their future work. The cross-cultural dialogues that the residency engenders both create new artistic speculations and smelt older assumptions.

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